Managing Life With Children

Planning a Wedding with Children

Planning a wedding can be daunting, especially if you have kids involved. After all, in the midst of the excitement and chaos that comes with such an important event, it’s easy to overlook details or forget to involve family members- including your children. While adding another layer of complexity to this already complex task, having children take part in planning your wedding can add a sense of joy for everyone involved. Whether they help choose decorations or offer input on how certain elements should look, there are plenty of ways that you can get children (of all ages) excited about participating in your big day!

Have fun with it

A wedding is a celebration of love and a day that should be enjoyed by all, including the little ones. Why not make it fun for them too with kid-friendly decorations, games, music and other entertainment? Imagine their faces lit up with excitement when they see a fairy tale-themed wedding with colourful decorations and whimsical balloons. Bring out the classic games like tug-of-war, musical chairs or pin the tail on the donkey to keep them entertained. You could also set up a dance floor with their favourite songs, or even hire a clown to make them laugh. Including these elements will ensure that everyone has an unforgettable time, including the smallest guests.

Invite the kid's friends

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and what better way to celebrate than by including the little ones in your life? Inviting your children's friends and family to be a part of the festivities is a wonderful way to ensure that the day is as unforgettable for them as it will be for you. Not only will they feel included and special, but they'll also create cherished memories with you and your partner that will last a lifetime. From flower girls and ring bearers to enthusiastic dancers and cheerful photo bombers, having the kids' favourite people by your side as you say "I do" will make for a truly unforgettable affair. So, why not extend an invitation to those special little ones and make your wedding day an unforgettable experience for everyone involved?

Include special activities

When planning the perfect wedding, it's important to consider all of your guests, including the little ones. Including special wedding activities for children is a great way to keep them entertained and ensure that their parents can enjoy the celebration stress-free. Face painting is always a hit, allowing kids to transform into their favourite superheroes or cute animals - why not hire the bridal makeup artist Manchester for the whole day and get them to face the faces. Another option is a bouncy castle, which is sure to bring hours of fun and endless energy. With these activities, children will feel like an integral part of the wedding festivities and will leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

Offer age-appropriate refreshments

At any wedding, refreshments play a vital role in keeping the guests entertained and satisfied. While wedding cakes and champagne might serve as a classic addition, serving age-appropriate refreshments is just as important. To cater to the young ones in attendance, it's always a great idea to offer options like juice boxes, gummy bears, and vegetable sticks. Not only are these refreshments entirely delicious, but they're also customisable to the ages of those attending. So why not take a step up in your refreshment game and ensure everyone at the wedding indulges in age-appropriate snacks?

Set up a designated area

Weddings can be a lot of fun for adults but let's be honest: it's not always the most thrilling for the little ones. Between the long ceremony and speeches during the reception, children can get restless and bored. That's why setting up a designated play area can be a lifesaver. Putting together a section with games, activities, and maybe even a movie playing can keep them entertained while the adults enjoy the rest of the party. With a little effort and creativity, you can ensure that everyone - including the little ones - has a great time at your special day.

The wedding photos

Hiring a wedding photographer Birmingham to capture those memories is key, but why not add a little extra fun to your photos? Adding child-friendly details such as colourful balloons or confetti can bring the playful, carefree spirit of childhood to your wedding album. Plus, it's a great way to get your littlest guests excited and involved in the day. Creating fun environments makes the job of Birmingham photographers easier to create amazing photos of the day.